Communities 1st Timebank is a very flexible form of volunteering.

For every hour of help you give, you receive one credit. You then use these credits to ask for help in return with the things that you need. You can offer whatever skills or services you would like to share with others.

Everyone has something to offer and everyone’s time is valued equally.  It is quite a simple idea – you become a member of Communities 1st Timebank, listing the services you are willing to provide for others.

You also list the tasks or services you would like some help with, we then match you up with another member.

You can volunteer for one person and receive help from someone different; you earn credits and spend them as you wish.

It’s like a form of trading and examples of trades can include:

  • Doing a grocery shop
  • Driving someone to an appointment
  • Gardening
  • Simple DIY such as painting a wall or putting up a shelf
  • Cooking a meal
  • Having a cup of tea and a chat!

Communities 1st Timebank is a way of promoting neighbourliness in the community. It is more difficult now to knock on a neighbour’s door and ask for a favour, or to offer help to someone down the road that you have known for years, because people don’t know their neighbours as well as they used to.

People are more likely to be out at work all day and families move a lot more than they used to, so there can often be a lack of community on an estate or along an urban street.

With an ageing population across Hertsmere, and St Albans and District and an increasing strain on social services for older people, community volunteering is becoming more important. Communities 1st Timebank offers a very adaptable form to suit individuals’ time and circumstances.


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For more information contact Tom on 020 3559 3559 or email Tom.Watkins@communities1st.org.uk

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